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Untitled :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 0 0
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School Bathroom: :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 0 0
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Behind closed doors: :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 0 0
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Prolonged Abandonment: :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 0 0
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Happy now...? :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 1 2
The Little Hedgehog.
I found a hedgehog in my garden
I found him today you see
I found this hedgehog in my garden
But he wont come out for me
I've tried all different types of food
And scattered seeds about
But no matter how hard I try
The hedgehog will not come out
So I think that I'll leave him alone
And wait till the night is here
Then watch for a certain little hedgehog
to suddenly appear
But then from out of an overgrown bush
I heard a rustling sound
And a spiky little shadow
Was cast upon the ground
"The hedgehog!" I cried as I knelt down
on the moist and muddy floor
I peered underneath the thorny bush
But no hedgehog was there at all
And so I got back up again
And with a little frown
I looked at where the hedgehog was
Then I looked across the ground
And then I saw the hedgehog
Waddling past the pond
I watched as he squeezed himself under the gate
And into the Forrest beyond
I guess I will miss that hedgehog
The one that just appeared
And if im
:iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 1 0
Mature content
Already Gone. :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 1 0
I can't remember the day i went insane. It just happened. Nor do I remember how. It could have been from my imagination or a past experience. I just went insane. All I can remember is the knife, the screams, gushing blood. How I loved those moments. But now i cant have them.
They found me and dragged me away. I cant move, nor can I see. I can only breathe and every breath is painful, so I cry and every tear is agony.
I smile and pretend I'm not real, but it doesn't help. Nothing can. No one can be bothered to help me, so they just cut me out and put me in a separate place which no one knows of.
So now I am alone. There's no change there. I have always been alone. But this is different. Its silent here and it scares me. Nothing stirs. I've become invisible to everyone, even me. I don't know who I am anymore. Am I nothing? I fell numb and emotionless. Is there any point for me to continue?
I don't think so.  
They want me to die anyway. Just like the others who have suffered under m
:iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 1 0
There once a car,
Who was black as the night,
He had a thick Russian accent ,
And a single headlight.
He eyes were the colour
Of silvery steel,
His expression was dulled
By the pain he could feel.
He was all alone,
Without a friend in the world,
And this is the reason
His heart turned cold.
His head filled taunts,
His life filled with pain,
He tried to forget,
But it all was in vain.
So he left it to fester,
And boil inside,
Until it was too late,
To leave it behind.
From that moment on,
He lived in the gloom,
All the others afraid
Of what he could do.
:iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 2 5
Splatter by the30millionthmember Splatter :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 0 0 Awesome Wierdness 5 by the30millionthmember Awesome Wierdness 5 :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 2 0 Awesome Wieredness 3 by the30millionthmember Awesome Wieredness 3 :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 1 0 Awesome Wieredness 2 by the30millionthmember Awesome Wieredness 2 :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 0 0 Awesome Wieredness by the30millionthmember Awesome Wieredness :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 0 0 Awesome Wierdness 4 by the30millionthmember Awesome Wierdness 4 :iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 1 0
My Gothic Story.
My gothic story.
My skin was frozen. A gentle snow fall had had suddenly transformed  into an emence blizzard of cold. The strong icy forbidding winds forced its way into me, chilling me to the bone. A good day for collecting fire wood was no more. I must get back to home before night fall but the blizzard makes it impossible to see and the freezing temperature has numbed me. I have to find shelter. I can just about spy an old run down house that is shrouded in forest trees near by. You would have to be mad to enter here and mad I had become. Driven by cold searing up my body like a burn and a terrible hunger I forced my way through the ancient rotting door that is damp from condensation. Always a good sign that the building is warmer inside. The hinges creaked as I dragged it out of the way. The room was filled with a grotesque smell that filled my lungs. I found it hard to breathe. As I slowly creep forward through the old hallway, I get a terrible shudder as if a cold hand had
:iconthe30millionthmember:the30millionthmember 2 0


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Hollie T
United Kingdom
привет! I'm Hollie. I am old enough to be a member on this website and i love sunflowers, cars, cars 2, planes,the Kremlin, Matrioshka dolls, borscht, my most precious scarf (i wear it all the time) and Ivan Braginsky. I dislike omlettes, barrels, chests and my body. I'm learning Russian so i can move to Moscow and my favourite subject at the minute is Geography.
Well, i think that's it for now, ...
до свидания!



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